The 1990’s was when computers became cheaper and most people had one in there own homes. The debate of if your are a Mac person or a PC person was starting to run between users of Dell or iMacs. Hell even drone photography was being used in war zones during this era even more and more, yet the computer technology seemed to slack off when you think about it in the earlier 90’s. But then hit the mid 1990’s and dial up internet was made publicly available and the start of an era of emails, online shopping with Amazon and the move to CD from floppy discs.

Hell yeah I was hooked on Lemmings then Doom came into the picture and oh I thought those graphics were the bomb! Technical games like Sim City 2000 were challenging and the birth of Sonic made for any kids gaming beginnings and going, going, gone were the outside

Who can forget the amazing difference moving from DOS to Windows 3 did at the beginning, so I suppose I was being a bit harsh on the slackness of computer tech in the beginning.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.