I remember the Commodore 64 computer that we had at home. It was the first computer we had purchased and I remember playing countless hours of Pac ManĀ and Dark Castle. The so called floppy disks that were not so floppy and the blue screen where you could type in certain codes and create a circle.

Those square box monitors still fetch $100-$150 on eBay, who and what would you do with them now? The actual cost of producing these computers was $135 and they retailed them for $535 back in the day that’s not a bad profit margin and considering they sold between 20-30 million of those things.


Commodore actually went bankrupt in 1993/4, yet the Commodore UK division was the only one that stood it’s ground. They bought all the old stock and sold speakers until the end of 1995 and they to went bankrupt.

Such great childhood memories having friends over and taking turns playing games……until your dad kicks you off so he can play.