burroughs_class1model9Starting at the beginning of what hardware was around and when it finally started becoming computers that we know of today.
I can imagine that completing bookwork was all tallied up in a workbook and leaving room for error with the manual addition and subtraction. Around 1872 was the first printing adding machines were invented and in 1910 the first of the adding machines were brought into existence that could sub-total, clear and repeat transactions. Imagine having that sucker sitting on your desk today!

Fast forward to 1934 and the calculator, although primitive, was the next best thing. It had the Sprouts wheel drum which turned with an electric motor and calculated with the turning of a crank.

The calculators become nixie tube display, similar to what they are now in the mid 1960’s. Casio were the lead manufacturer’s and out did the old Facit versions with this new technology.

LED lighting came in during the 1970’s and by the 1980’s the algebraic logic was making way.

Stay tuned for next blog for the data storage history.