Back in the 1990’s

The 1990’s was when computers became cheaper and most people had one in there own homes. The debate of if your are a Mac person or a PC person was starting to run between users of Dell or iMacs. Hell even drone photography was being used in war zones during this era even more and more, yet the computer technology seemed to slack off when you think about it in the earlier 90’s. But then hit the mid 1990’s and dial up internet was made publicly available and the start of an era of emails, online shopping with Amazon and Read more

Back in the 80’s

I remember the Commodore 64 computer that we had at home. It was the first computer we had purchased and I remember playing countless hours of Pac ManĀ and Dark Castle. The so called floppy disks that were not so floppy and the blue screen where you could type in certain codes and create a circle. Those square box monitors still fetch $100-$150 on eBay, who and what would you do with them now? The actual cost of producing these computers was $135 and they retailed them for $535 back in the day that’s not a bad profit margin and considering Read more

IT Hardware – Calculators

Starting at the beginning of what hardware was around and when it finally started becoming computers that we know of today. I can imagine that completing bookwork was all tallied up in a workbook and leaving room for error with the manual addition and subtraction. Around 1872 was the first printing adding machines were invented and in 1910 the first of the adding machines were brought into existence that could sub-total, clear and repeat transactions. Imagine having that sucker sitting on your desk today! Fast forward to 1934 and the calculator, although primitive, was the next best thing. It had Read more

IT coming alive soon

It’s all going to be happening right here with the IT coalition time line website. Have you ever wondered how IT came about and what changes happened over the decades. My name is Adam and stand by for updates and learn with me along the way.